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Our Services

The Perfect Property Maintenance Kings share a lifelong personal value that have carried into the way we do business. We believe, if you are not going to strive to get it right the first time -- don't bother to do it at all.

Servicing York Region, Durham, Toronto and the greater GTA; For your personal Property Maintenance, for that room you never had time to finish, for that old plumbing or electrical that needs replacing, for the backyard fence you need up, the tree you need removed, or to the Construction start-up of your new small business --the Perfect Property Maintenance Kings has a team you can trust.

Why Choose Us?

Our crew has over 30 years of experience on projects completed with pride and Customers who keep coming back and referring others. Ultimately our goal is to build lasting relationships with our Customers that they can always count on.

A helping hand.

No one sets out to fall, yet when they do, it sure is nice for all of us to extend a hand. For years, we have refueled our hearts by extending a helping hand to seniors and young families across our great communities. Building people up is equally a core value for all of us at Perfect Property Maintenance Kings.

What makes us different?

  • Upfront Conversations!
  • Honest Pricing!
  • Done Right!

The Backyard You’ve Always Wanted

Let Perfect Property Maintenance Kings design your flower beds and ensure that you get that stunning first impression you’ve always wanted to make. Whether you want to increase the privacy of your backyard living space or looking to enhance the look of your patio, we can design that dreamy backyard you’ve always wanted. Our end results speak forth themselves.

  • Avoid spending your valuable free time working in the backyard
  • Benefit from planting without the need to get your hands dirty
  • Increase your property value
  • Have the extra space you need for Seasonal tools ( Build a shed )
  • Repair and build a stunning patio
  • Fix and or Build a new fence
  • Paint and Stain your backyard
  • Trench for better water distribution in your flower beds

Arborist and Flower Bed Design Specialist

At the time of your personal consultation Perfect Property Maintenance Kings will take into consideration and will help explore your colour and material idea’s and preferences to ensure that you get the best tree’s, plants and shrubs to create the dream backyard you’ve always longed.

Planting will give your property a certain look and feel which can without a doubt instantly make your home appear very warm and welcoming. Our expert landscapers take good pride and knowledge to update the look of any property.

Create Privacy and Shade

Trimming & Backyard design is our specialty and we have over 25 years of experience working with our customers to create immediate privacy and the backyard they have always wanted, we’ll do any type of property. Instantly block out neighbours and get the private space you’ve always longed, add a shed to store seasonal tools that are taking up space in your house or garage, and create a relaxing place to kick back and hang out with family and friends on a warm summer day. Properties that contain mature trees and are more appealing to the eye tend to usually sell about 10 times faster on the market then properties with smaller trees.

Perfect Property Maintenance Kings will plant, remove and transplant your tree’s that have died or have simply gotten too big and need more room to mature. At Perfect Property Maintenance Kings we cater to your every need.

Spring Clean-Up

Perfect Property Maintenance Kings spring yard clean-up will give your property the kick start it needs after the long winter season. This thorough service will really make your home stand out amongst the rest, laying the foundation for a healthy turf, effective lawn care, and a great looking property just in time for the summer months.

Our service will leave you with a fresh and tidy lawn to start the season:

  • Raking and collecting leaves
  • Edging and turning garden beds
  • Shrub trimming
  • First lawn mowing of the year
  • Raking and collecting leaves
  • Arborist specialist ( remove, plant, transplant )
  • Fence ( repair, build, stain )
  • Total backyard makeover

Clean Up After the Storm (STORM RELIEF)

Over the past several years there have been severe ice & snow storms that have ripped across the province of Ontario and throughout most parts of North America, resulting in millions of dollars in damage to private and public property. After the storm calms & fallen trees withlight/heavy branches are lying broken in your backyard and driveways Perfect Property Maintenance Kings will take care of your every need.

Many homeowners don’t have the time, knowledge and/or equipment necessary to clean up the remains that were left behind by a storm. Perfect Property Maintenance Kings is there for you after the storm disappears.

Save Your Trees from the Brutal Winter Months

Ice storms can be relentless, trees get uplifted, unhealthy and old branches are torn, and tree trunks, your driveways and walkways are coated under thick ice. Most home&property owners are left helpless in these times and resort to de-icer and spend lots of money and time waiting for the city to come remove the trees and clear there properties of obstructions.

Next time the winter storm hits, Give Perfect Property Maintenance Kings a shot to take care of your storm clean-up immediately after the storm.Our property maintenance experts will take care of all your needs.

Fall Clean Up Service

Everyone knows how important it is to prepare your property for those winter months; People often lack the time, resources and energy to take care of their lawn maintenance chores. Perfect Property Maintenance Kings will make sure that your landscape is ready for those relentless winter months. Perfect Property Maintenance Kings will save you the trouble of worrying about not being prepared for the winter season.

Why is it important to be prepared?

Being prepared is important because when spring kicks in and the snow melts you are left with leaves on the grass from the fall which acts as a shield for the grass and prevents it from getting the sunlight it needs to give it that nice green look.

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